Field Blog 2013- July 22nd

Benguela Area Part 1

Near Benguela, there are extensive outcrops of red beds of silt, mud, and sandstones that are mapped as Albian in age. These red rocks show cross-bedding, bioturbation, and tree trunks that indicate that are terrestrial deposits, and therefore a good candidate for yielding  dinosaur bones. Moreover, we collected a few dinosaur bone fragments from equivalent beds in the Namibe region.

But reality is not always as we wish: a lot of walking... we found no vertebrate fossils. The most significant finding were some beautiful gymnosperm tree trunks.

The Upper Cretaceous marine beds were more productive, and we found many invertebrates, shark teeth, and some marine reptiles pieces, but mostly fragments. These finds are good for building the record, but we keep looking for new localities and fossils that can tell much more about evolution of vertebrates in Angola.