Closing up shop

Before leaving Angola, we needed to arrive one day early in Luanda to take care of travel documentation and other tasks at Agostinho Neto University, before we (and the fossils) all go our separate ways. Louis and Octávio also met with government officials, in particular the Minister of Education Ms. Candida Teixeira and others, to discuss Sea Monsters outreach in Angolan schools.

Octávio enjoying Sea Monsters Unearthed power point presentation with Minister of Education Ms. Candida Teixeira and Director Pedro Camilo da Costa during discussions of Projecto PaleoAngola educational outreach, a good example of science for development.
Louis and Octávio with Manuel Afonso, Director General of the Angolan National Institute for Research and Development of Education, with whom Projecto PaleoAngola is working to bring Sea Monsters to schools.

This last day in and around Luanda also provided an opportunity for Alex, Miguel, and Mike to take a day trip to Iembe a spectacular locality, with outcrops perched high on cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, with bones dotting the tops of each ridge. We even managed to do some collecting of shark and mosasaur material. It was a wonderful way to spend the last day in Angola, before reuniting with the others in Luanda for dinner and motivated discussions about the scope for future expeditions. What a wonderful end to a fantastic adventure!

Mike and Alex atop the cliffs at Iembe, overlooking the sea. This is the type locality for the dinosaur Angolatitan, the mosasaur Angolasurus, and the turtle Angolachelys.
Last night in Luanda for Projecto PaleoAngola’s American and Portuguese contingent, at the Hotel Tivoli.

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