Trenching the mosasaur (Post for July 10&11)

We have been working in the mosasaur quarry to expose bone and see how they can be separated into manageable sized jackets for removal. Once that was done we began cutting  trenches between the blocks encasing the bones. We also needed to dig pretty deep in front of and around the blocks to allow undercutting, and also removed rock from the hillside to create more space for the excavators. The skull block is quite large and the amount of bone it contains is promising, but we will need to wait until it is prepared in the labs before we know with certainty how much of it is preserved.   

Above, Riquenga using small rotohammer; below, Alex and Miguel working in the Globidens quarry. Copyright Projecto PaleoAngola.

The remainder of the group, prospected and also measured the rock section to place specimens in the stratigraphic column.  After coming back to camp in the evening, the team discussed objectives for the last few days working in Bentiaba. Only three more days are left for fieldwork. The time here has passed quickly!

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